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ecodesign handcrafted with in Tarifa

~ clorofilla ~
it's the Italian word for chlorophyll
\ ˈklȯr-ə-ˌfil, -fəl \
and it refers to the green pigment present in plants that allow them to provide energy from the sun .

we work
with this energy
to make great design


chlorophyll molecule scheme
chlorophyll A molecule


  • architecure
    architecture & interiors
  • design
    design & product
  • digital
    digital identity
  • why

    We truly believe that every raw material keeps this energy inside of it.
    Also, in a digital, interconnected world, we live what we can touch.

    leaf with chlorophyll
    chlorophyll at work

    The materials are the stories that they have seen and listened to, the sun and the rains that they have taken in, and the hands that they have been touched by.
    They live every day in an endless circle, and they wear their marks; they age and tell us about their existence.

    This is the reason WHY we want to work with those signs: to reveal them in other objects; to narrate new chapters in their lives.

    Every Clorofilla's project begins with the core idea of sustainability: optimization and waste reduction are the foundations of our ethic, followed by the choice of proper materials and the best process.

    Passion is the final element of our formula, enhancing and bringing magic to our work.

    clorofilla ecodesign wood badge
    our first wood badge


    Clorofilla is about living spaces in their unity, in all their parts and in the relationship between them.

    It is a space that is made of nature and objects, where architecture meets design, two fields of our work, where we can represent our thoughts.

    We start with the sketch of an idea and work toward the achievement of the final product with a craftsman's approach and a profound respect for the story it is going to tell.

    forging chlorophyll
    forging clf

    We do architecturial projects, interior and product design and custom furniture with consideration for the environment and social commitment.

    We often use recycled materials also to exalt the signs of time, which sculpts their histories permanently.
    WHAT we want to do is to make the pages of the tales legible with every project.

    For that, Clorofilla also deals with communication in the most current medium, from the digital identity to graphic design with an online presence.

    products portfolio

    clorofilla digital

    "everything starts with a story"

    clorofilla architecture

    "everything starts with space"

    clorofilla design

    "everything starts with material"


    Tarifa, 11380 [ once-tres-ochenta ] (Cádiz), Spain
    is also known as "Wind City".

    Someone may think of Tarifa as a frontier, but we prefer to consider it a front, a unique location where incredible elements meet each other face-to-face.

    A bridge between Europe and Africa,
    an exchange point between the Sea and the Ocean,
    a meeting place for Water and Wind,
    the area where Levante and Poniente chase.

    This is the ground WHERE all of these connections emanate a rare energy, made up of different dialogues between places and people.

    Tarifa has a strong legacy that coexists today with an increasingly international culture, like an Andalusian melting pot.

    We live and work here, and every day we breathe this energy, and it fills our lungs.

    clorofilla's lungs
    clorofillaTM-powered lungs

    We also wish to thank all of the places that they welcomed and formed us, among them Milan, Florence, Venice, Modugno, Sydney, Perth, Auckland and Mumbai.

    clorofilla worldwide
    clorofilla's trip

    Everyone in this city represents a milestone in this new journey.

    tarifa tiles
    handmade tiles in Tarifa


    Clorofilla, S.Coop.And. is a Spanish enterprise established three Italian guys, Riccardo, Andrea, and Giancarlo in 2017.

    We like the word 'enterprise', especially because of its connotation of adventure. Our one began in September 2016, with a simple idea.

    follow the compass
    following clf

    Our most important project it is to take this energy, from this place, from the sun, the sea, the wind, and the people and their culture and generate new value for us, our clients and the territory around us.

    We have different backgrounds and experiences, but we share the same passion and ethics, which are reflected in every aspect of our work.

    We work every day as a great team ⬇️.

    photo of Riccardo

    Riccardo Pasquetti

    graduated @Politecnico di Milano
    wild Photographer & hard Trekker

    photo of Andrea

    Andrea Roberto Botta

    graduated @Politecnico di Milano
    graphic & web Designer, raw Jeweler

    photo of Giancarlo

    Giancarlo Barile

    formed @Australia
    furniture Designer, material Selector

    clorofilla-team at work